Practice What You Preach

Or rather it should be, I should practice what I preach.

A friend I know on the web hasn't been at all well just lately.  But when having a chat with her last night after her trip to the hospital for tests for all the nasties, and find the diagnosis wasn't as bad as she feared.  My advice to her, after feeling relief and joy for her was, "now you need to start sleeping, eating, and exercising properly".  Unfortunately, with me, it's the pot calling the kettle black.

I too, do not eat properly, sleep enough, and if I am to be absolutely honest, I really could do with at least twice as much exercise that I get on a weekly basis.

The bad eating comes down to "I can't be arsed" - Living in a retirement studio flat and the kitchen being so very weenie, we that live here, have a choice of choosing 2 out of 3 appliances.  The 3 appliances being - a cooker - a fridge/freezer (only room for one or a combination) - and a washing machine.

I opted for a fridge/freezer and a washing machine.  For the cooking part of kitchen life I have a combination microwave/oven for the main cooking, and then tucked in a cupboard and brought out when needed, I have a small, portable, 2 ringed ring top for boiling (which I might add makes a lot of steam but doesn't boil if a window is open) - Then I have a halogen oven.

In this country supermarkets were built for only people with cars, which I don't have.  Miles away from anywhere.  Therefore I have less choice of what I can buy and the prices are a lot higher.

But having said all that, how many people actually enjoy cooking just for themselves?  I certainly don't.   I do however eat reasonably well about 4 times a week, and what food I do put down my throat the other days is good quality and all food groups are covered.

As for getting enough sleep......  I'm 65 years old and as far back as I can remember, which is about 60 years, I have never been able to sleep on command nor sleep deeply.  Now that I am older, I sleep even less than I used to.  Unless I took pills every single night I will only ever sleep anything between 2 and 6 hours, and even then I am up and down all night visiting the loo, drinking water and trying to get back to sleep.

With exercise I think I am lying to myself when I say I am getting enough.  I spend far too much of my time, on the computer, sitting reading, watching television, and dozing in the arm-chair.  I do have to do a couple of dog walks a day.  I also have to run the dog up and down the stairs (2 flights) for a pee every couple of hours.  But apart from that, any other exercise I might get is because I am on a fitness kick or because I am depressed at not being able to lose this extra 30lbs I am carrying.  Those spurts last a few days and certainly less than a week.  Hell, even my housework comes in short, sharp bursts.

As for my mental state of health, I wont go into.  Needless to say I think it's the worst it's been in the whole of my 65 years.   At the moment I just feel as if I'm waiting for God as they say.

You can see by reading all that, that I am continually making excuses to myself about the S.E.X. ( Sleeping - Eating - eXercising.  Excuse after excuse, after excuse.

So I have decided that I really, really, do need to give myself a kick up the arse.  No allowing the weather to hold me up for outdoor exercising.  No having a small kitchen giving me the excuse to eat convenience foods or even a plate full of cold food.  And then hopefully with leading a more healthy life style, sleeping better and for longer should come all by itself.

With decent S.E.X - My mental health should also improve along with my physical health.

So watch this space for my plan of action once I have decided what it's to be.